Dear Reader,

American Booom is a sprawling epic action comic that takes place in San Diego and Tijuana. The hopes for this comic are two fold:

  1. Tell an amazing superhero comic story. Note – “comic story” As the authors it is intensely important that we announce now, at the onset of this comic, that we are telling this story to be a comic story. The medium is important and we have little to no intentions of it being something of a “pitch” to become a movie. This is a comic.
  2. The use of story as a metaphor/reality is very important to us. Everything in this story takes place in real landmarks in the area of San Diego, where we live, and our neighboring city of Tijuana. The characters are based on real interactions and stories. The references to cartels and teenagers are as close to fact as possible. The stuff that isn’t “true” (super powers, plot, character specifics) are at the very least aimed at being palpably meaningful metaphors.

The entire process of creating this comic is collaborative venture between Alonso Nuñez and Patrick Yurick, founders of Little Fish Comic Book Studio.

  • Story & Script – Patrick Yurick
  • Thumbnails – Both
  • Layout & First Pencils – Alonso
  • Final Pencils – Patrick
  • First Inks – Patrick
  • Final Inks & Lettering – Alonso
  • Digital Coloring Assists – Adrian To
  • Final Digital Work & Webcomic – Patrick Yurick
  • Android App – Jesus Flores
  • Editor(s) – Ian Pike, Marisol Franco, & Kirsten Flewelling
Thanks and enjoy!
~Patrick Yurick & Alonso Nuñez