Story – Patrick Yurick
Pencils & Inks – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Lettering – Alonso Nuñez
Colors – Patrick Yurick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores

Words from Patrick:
Pulled an all-nighter to get this page colored and up properly. I am really glad I did too. I am especially glad it is veteran’s day and I am going to go take a nap and a delightful day off. mmmmm. A day off.

Couple cool things up to share this week:


  2. Sarah’s Playlist
    That’s right, our title character – Sarah Hannigen – has her own spotify playlist and a start of a character bio. check it out on the American BOOOM! CHARACTER page (up top)
  3. Updates to the INTERACTIVE MAP 
    Updates include: Adding Sarah’s bike path to “Tres De Octubre” and a lengthy description of why I chose that area for the scene of the first battle in American BOOOM!
  4. New Little Fish Blog Post: “Negative Reactions to Your Art”
    This is a little bit of musing about how negativity towards art is fuel for the fire.
  5. Little Fish will be at Socal Comic-Con This coming weekend representing American BOOOM!

  6. Reminder: Save the Date for the American BOOOM! Comic Release Party in March:
  7. Little Fish general announcements:
    >Check out the updates to the “MEMBERSHIP” page
    >Saturday Morning Cartooning: A Free Demo Class on December 1st at 11am, RSVP through
    >Welcome to two new students at Little Fish! Keep an eye out for updates of student work
    >Make sure to subscribe to the “Little Fish Newsletter

Live from the Little Fish Comic Studio:

I’m Patrick Yurick – have a great week.

PS – Thanks to Eisner Nominated Ryan Andrews  of “Sarah and the Seed” for helping get the workflow for a faster download of the graphics for web comic viewing. Here is the results:

  • First I found this AWESOME article online which led me to understanding how to optimize file size correctly.
  • I then, from that article, found this plugin for GIMP for the save for web setting that was everything I could hope for and more! :)

PPS – for those Spanish translation fans out there check out another stream of American BOOOM! language crowdsourcing hilarity: