Story – Patrick Yurick
Pencils & Inks – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Lettering – Alonso Nuñez
Colors – Patrick Yurick
Color Assists – Nick Dollick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores
Iphone App (in development) – Phuc Nguyen


Before I start the normal updates from Little Fish Comic Book Studios and American BOOOM!, I wanted to extend, on behalf of all of us working on Little Fish and BOOOM! our sympathies to all those being affecting by the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut. It was a very short while ago that the school I worked at suffered a similar tragedy and I know how much the pain still leaves me with an inability to heal altogether. My hope with this comic, and all of the art I touch, is to start conversations about ending suffering and acknowledging pain that is brought on by human existence. While the story right now is in the midst of a gunfight I would like to assure, you the reader and all those who interact with this art everywhere, that it is leading somewhere. That it is designed to talk about something positive while acknowledging the reality of situations real people are facing right now. It is never meant to make light of violence and pain. Again my heart goes out strongly this week. I hope we can all remember that forging good in this world is a troublesome task that starts with reflection and with a heavy heart aimed at forgiveness.

The art above was created the week after a tragedy that affected me personally, and affected the community I love. It too shared characteristics of irrationality and horror, much like that of Newtown CT, and I felt that this was an appropriate time to show it. When I heard of the horror on Friday, this is how I felt once again. My deepest prayers are with the mourning families in that New England town.

From Patrick:
Happy holidays for the second week from Little Fish Comic Book Studio! What an amazing week. Alonso and I are both SUPER excited for nest week’s page – I think it is the craziest one yet. I think I pulled overtime to make it awesome and I am uber excited to give it to you all as a Christmas treat.  Alonso also mentioned that this week is important because it marks the point in which we have created exactly double what we started this webcomic (and what took us ten months to create). Basically, in April of last year, we started with eight pages to begin development. That process took us another 8 months before the comic would see the light of day and now we are happy fathers of 16 pages of released art for chapter one. Chapter one will end in a little more than two months with page 28, which is when we will be throwing the American BOOOM! Comic Release Party with limited edition prints of the first chapter. This has been an amazing process and I feel like we are just getting a total handle on the whole process.

I want to give a shout out to Nick Dollick this week, without his help on the coloring in the past couple weeks I don’t know if the pages would be getting done on time. I also want to give a warm welcome to Phuc who will be working on the IPhone app version of the comic which should be a long and rewarding process for us all.

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Have a great week!