Story – Patrick Yurick
Pencils & Inks – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Lettering – Alonso Nuñez
Colors – Patrick Yurick
Color Assists – Nick Dollick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores
Iphone App (in development) – Phuc Nguyen

The end of Chapter 1 is almost here! We have been at this story for over a year. In the coming year we have TONs of things to look forward to including a comic release part, a limited edition print run of chapter 1, iphone app release, Stumptown Comic Fest, San Diego Comic-Con International, and so much more. By this time next year we will DEFINITELY be on page 75 of the book. I anticipate we may even be past page 100 though because as of June 25th I (Patrick) will be working at Little Fish full time. Wow the time flies by.





Have a great week!