Story – Patrick Yurick
Art – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores
Iphone App (in development) – Phuc Nguyen

Happy day! Chapter 1 is complete. For the last four months I didn’t actually believe this day existed. In fact I currently am in doubt that it does, even though I am sitting here experiencing it. Alonso and I are so proud of our months of work. Getting to this milestone took a lot of effort and I am happy to say that we have figured out our stride and we now know how to create faster, sleeker, and with more vigor.

That being said Chapter 2 is going to be AWESOME! There are big fight scenes and Luchadors y Luchadoras! (You think Lucha Libre might want to sponsor the second chapter? hint hint nudge nudge.)

And this is a great point to start reading. With a full chapter all online, for free, please do us a favor and get as many people to read the comic as you can think of. This is the time to jump on board. Thank you to all our loyal readers who have gotten us this far!

There are big announcements in the works happening for the American BOOOM! Comic Book Release Party (original prints, a B&W special edition of Chapter 1, T-Shirts, and more!) News to come.

That being said we are also taking a 3 week hiatus from the comic between the chapters so we can really polish chapter 2.

Have a great week, and have an amazing March!