Story – Patrick Yurick
Art – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores
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Hoo- BOY! What a crazy week. Chapter 2 has definitely been hit or miss, but I am super stoked with what’s happening and what’s coming. We missed last weekend and are in dire need of posting a 2 page week (next week) to make up for it. Last weekend Alonso and I were pulling double duty. Alonso & Effren kicked butt over at our innaugural debut at the San Diego Kid’s Expo, while I (Patrick) rocked it hard at my first every venture to Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest.

The action is picking up in American BOOOM! and I wanted to let people know some statistics about abductions in the san diego/tijuana area so you can know that we are taking these topics very seriously and remembering that the scenes being depicted are very reflective of the lives of actual people.

While Tijuana is trying as it might to regain it’s esteem as a safe place for tourists kidnapping is still a problem as in this April 22nd case & this January 18th 2013 story of 2 boys (18 & 19) who, when crossing the US Mexican Border, were found with a 16 year old victim in their trunk with a missing finger.

Most interesting, over the years, has been the change in the kinds of kidnapping that does occur:

Tijuana is facing a new trend in kidnapping. Unlike the wave of indiscriminate abductions for ransom that hit this Mexican city in 2008, this time the kidnappings seem more of a way of doing business. – Borderland Beat 2011

Data from kidnappings 2008-2011:

In other news we are excited to have this amazing panel coming up on the 20th!

Indie Comic Book Marketing
A Reflection on the Vast and Varied Techniques Needed to Help Your Comic Survive
Mon, May 20, 6:00 PM PDT – 7:00 PM
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 Join Little Fish Studio as we question the experts on just how to navigate the vast and varied sea of comic book marketing in this month’s episode.

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