Story – Patrick Yurick
Art – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores
Iphone App – Phuc Nguyen

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As a reflection on this comic book making thing: It is easy to lose steam. With summer camps and business picking up at Little Fish, American BOOOM! did become really difficult to concentrate on. Thankfully Memorial Day coincided with two week break from Little Fish classes which gave me a definite ability to catch up.

I have been reflecting quite a bit on falling behind. It isn’t good, but it is worse to give up. We are going forward with the comic and we are publishing as we can. When times are hard I look to a couple of websites for inspiration: – by Jason Brubaker
Jason’s story about how he got to a $107,000 kickstarter campaign from a comic called reMIND ( is inspirational in and of itself. On top of all of that amazingness Jason also finds time to make videos on his website that will help the aspiring artist deal with the troubles that he/she will face in their path. Specifically cool are videos like this one: by Stephen McCranie
Stephan offers some amazing comics that explain his own journeys and wisdoms he has found by working in the comic industry. The best part: He tells them all in comic form! Check it out.
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One of the things that has been inspiring me to move forward on a monthly basis is hosting the Little Fish Studio Hangouts. Each month Mark Luetke and I host this amazing panels that are diverse and inspiring on various topics that effect the indie comic start up. Each month I am blown away by the enthusiasm and talent of each of our guests. Talking to people who are like me gives me the juice to not allow myself to get low and give up.

This month’s panel featured Jason Brubaker and was titled “Indie Comic Book Making”


There will be more announcements coming soon. As always check out the Little Fish ( page to get more info on upcoming events!


Have a great week :)