Story – Patrick Yurick
Art – Alonso Nuñez & Patrick Yurick
Editors – Ian Pike & Marisol Franco
Android App – Jesus Flores
Iphone App – Phuc Nguyen

Wow! I got this one done a day late. I have to give props to Alonso for inking every week. Adding inking onto my plate for the past two weeks while he was out on break made me appreciate him that much more. How do you think I did? I am still playing around with colors and style. I am really loving the abstraction that textures in color give to the storytelling.

I DO want to mention that I updated our interactive map this past week – check it out to see what is going on.


Also, check out this cool graphic I made about the multiple layers of design that go into every single panel we create:

Well that’s it till next week! See you soon.